Integrated Collaborative Design was developed by a diverse research team, combining industrial and academic experience to deliver timely, relevant output. The team comprised:


Principal Investigators:

Prof. Simon Austin, Loughborough University
Dr. Michael Murray, AMEC



Prof. Andrew Baldwin, Loughborough University
Prof. Tony Thorpe, Loughborough University


Project Managers:

Dr. Andrew Newton, AMEC
Dr. Paul Waskett, DTI
Dr. John Steele, AMEC



Jamie Hammond, AMEC
Andrew Keys, AMEC
Dr. David Root, Loughborough University
Dr. Derek Thomson, Loughborough University


The research was also developed with the support of the following organisations:

Briggs Roofing and Cladding,
Colt International,
Crown House Engineering,
Galloway Group (Northern),
Environmental Air Contracts,
Hathaway Roofing,
Hilton Building Services,
MSS Clean Technology,
Senior Hargreaves

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